Centerpieces for Non-Flower People

July 15, 2013

I have a lot of brides that tell me they’re just not flower people. This can cause some friction in the planning process, especially if you’re trying to convince Mom that balls of roses and crystals just aren’t you. For me, I love non-flower brides! It inspires me to get creative and come up with new and unique ways to make your table centerpieces look stunning. Here’s some examples I found that you–and Mom– might like if you are just not that into blooms. (And a plus side, you’ll probably save money and be able to reuse some of your décor! Huzzah!) Click any picture for links to the original designer.


Geometric Origami Runner


Origami and Vase Centerpieces

Driftwood and Bottle Centerpieces

Cotton and Mercury Glass Centerpieces

Ombre Bottles with Candle Centerpieces

Jasmine Centerpiece

Fruit Centerpieces