Guide To: Avoiding Stress On Your Wedding Day

April 1, 2015


With a wedding, you have enough to worry about with the dress, the caterer, and your new in-laws. Why add anything else? These are the top 5 stressors to easily avoid to have the best (and most relaxing) day ever:

1. Too Many Hens

The most important people to have a final say in the planning of your wedding are you are your fiancé. While knowing that Mom might not love your favors, or your fiance’s Grandma may not get the idea of having an outside ceremony, you should be prepared to stand by your decisions, regardless of the feathers it my rustle. Years from now, you’ll be glad you did.

2. Dealing with a Troublemaker

Think deeply about your day and who you want involved in the wedding planning process. Having a bridesmaid who tends to make everything about herself, or a groomsman who plans on beginning the day with 3 shots of whisky will cause more hurt, stress, and frustration than it’s worth. If you’re having second thoughts, consider asking the bridal party member to be a part of the ceremony via a reading or to help run the photo booth prop station. Something that will give them responsibility without putting them in the direct spotlight.

3. Weather Mapping

With forecasts predicting weather further and further out, it’s tempting to want to check your wedding date as soon as you’re a month out, but this will just stress you out with little to no payoff. If the prediction is sunny skies, you might be more disappointed when rain appears in the forecast. On the other hand, you could spend the entire month planning for rain for no reason! These monthly forecasts are actually based on past observed weather and not on any current data, so the error margin is very high. I check the weather once at 5 days out, and again at 3 days out when I make final calls for my clients. 30% or more 48 hours out is usually enough of a probability for us to call a rain plan.

4. Not Spending Enough on Necessary Items

While saving money is always the goal for my clients, making cuts on things that are necessary will only lead to stress. Some of these include: a great and reliable photographer, tenting, staging, lighting, and a good caterer.

Certain vendors are cheap for a reason, and as the day gets closer and you still haven’t heard from the DJ, or the day-of the tent is 1/3 of the size it needs to be, it will overshadow the rest of the event–and your mood.

At the end of the day, shop within your parameters, and don’t skimp on the important things. While it is one of the most important days of your life, take everything into consideration when spending.

5. Indecisiveness

Hopefully, when you decided to marry your partner, you didn’t stress for months on end about whether there was someone better out there. You should take this same approach when finding your vendors. When you meet and fall in love with your vendor, consider that you’re marrying them, too! Shop for vendors that possess certain qualities you want and are in your price range, and once you’ve found someone, don’t spend the next few weeks worried there might be someone better out there. Too many times brides have wavered back and forth about hiring a vendor, only to lose them to another bride before they had the chance to book. Trust your gut!