Top 5 Things Brides Forget the Day-Of

January 6, 2014

With all that goes into planning a wedding, it’s no wonder brides can forget the most obvious things, however, almost every wedding, these are the (super important) things even the most prepared bride leaves at home.

5. Cake Server and Knife
Every bride thinks of cutting the cake as an important moment the day-of, but few think of HOW exactly they’re going to cut the cake. Surely the venue will have a cake knife on hand? Not exactly. Don’t find yourself serving cake by the handfuls and put this one in your baggage ASAP!

4. Marriage License
It’s not official if it’s not on paper! Remembering to get your marriage license is one thing, not bringing it to the venue is another (and all to common) mistake. Since your officiant has to be present to sign your license in order for you to be legally married, this is one document you don’t want to forget!

3. Tea Lights
Lots of brides bring votives, many forget the actual candles! Sometimes venues include tea lights in your venue package, but many do not. Don’t experience your candlelit dinner in the dark!

2. Lighters
Following #3, you need fire to get those candles lit! I always bring at least 2-3 torches (the long lighters) to my weddings because 9 times out of 10, I’m the only one who remembered that candles have to be lit somehow! The long lighters prevent fingers from getting burned after the 30th candle.

1. Safety Pins
Every wedding I’ve gone to someone has had a wardrobe mishap and I have saved the day with my pack of multi-sized safety pins. No one thinks it will happen to them, so it’s often the last thing on the list, but invariably it does. Want to be super prepared? Throw in some hemming tape, super glue, and a needle and thread!