Guide To: Austin Blackout Dates

September 26, 2013

So you’re thinking about getting married in Austin during the months of October, November, or March? While smaller festivals are the norm in Austin, prepare yourself for a bit of a struggle with these biggies. I’m going to call them “Blackout” dates.

ACL or Austin City Limits


What it is: A music festival sponsored and televised by PBS. The most popular Austin music festival after SXSW.

When it is: Early to Mid-October

The good: Unlike many festivals, the event itself is pretty confined to Zilker Park. Unless you plan to have your wedding in/near/or around the South Austin area, you really won’t have to deal with too many of the concert goers crashing your wedding.

The bad: Hotels are going to be about $100-$300 more on average, flights are going to be difficult to find, and the traffic going in and out of the city will be much worse than normal.

The ugly truth: Outside of Austin? No problem. Inside Austin? Though it can be done, it’s best to avoid it.